The Denver Post had a great story last week on how modular home factories are expanding in the West and one is now shipping to CO. Adam Berger a local developer is currently building duplexes with 3 beds, 2.5 baths and 1765 square feet for a price of $429k per unit or a price of $243 a square foot.


Now these homes are not necessarily “affordable” but how they can help our market is the homes come loaded on a semi fully complete inside and then a crane places them on the lot and local workers connect power, water and sewer. And these homes can be built in just 2 months instead of the current 8-10 months for a stick built home. Thus, builders could build 4 times as many homes if they went modular.


Question is—will they? I don’t see many if any traditional home builders like Richmond American going fully modular as that would be like them going from horses to cars. But, we may see new “disruptors” who will build homes this way.


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