Another Reason Why New Housing is So Expensive

Residents in the town of Morrison will be voting this fall on whether to overturn the City Council’s decision to allow a developer to build residential and some office and retail space at the NE corner of Morrison Road and C-470 in the Rooney Valley just south of Solterra. This new development would feature 1,400 new homes. And this development has been approved by the Plan Rooney Valley, a long range planning document jointly passed by Lakewood and Morrison.

In essence the residents of Morrison want a direct democracy and not a republic and they want to overrule their leaders. Why? This is too much growth for Rooney Valley they claim; but Rooney Valley is 2200 acres. So, that’s one home for every 1.5 acres. That’s a lot of land per home and is not very dense construction.

This is just another example of why construction and land costs are soaring in Denver and housing affordability is next to impossible to create. We need to end NIMBYness. .