Our State House passed House Bill 1127 last week and this bill seeks to help ease Colorado’s housing crisis according to the Bill’s sponsors. Here is what the Bill actually does—
Requires CO landlords to tell their perspective tenants more about their application costs and requirements for approval, such as rental history, credit histories, and income.
Second, it limits rental application charges to the costs of background checks and credit checks. I thought this was the law already.
Third, landlords would have to provide a written notice to rejected tenants, explaining why they were rejected. This could be very cumbersome when you have many applicants. I am also worried what if you have multiple tenants who meet your criteria, but you can only select 1 applicant as I only have 1 property available for rent? What could I legally give as my reason for not selecting them?

So, I have to ask, “how does this bill help ease our state’s housing crisis?” I don’t think it does that at all. It’s great to say that it would, but where are the facts?