A survey by Homes.com of 2000 Americans who recently bought a home discovered that 40% of them said buying a home is the most stressful event in modern life, even more stressful than a job interview, applying for college, or hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

“First-time homebuyers are often stressed and overwhelmed when making such a large purchase like a home,” said David Hoegerman, Homes.com senior manager of content. “As a result, they are looking for guidance and assistance to help make the process easier and smoother.”

  • Further in the survey are 5 interesting facts—
  • They found that 33% of homebuyers admitted to shedding tears at some point in the home buying process.
  • 38% of homebuyers said the process took much longer than expected.
  • 13% of homebuyers felt they overpaid
  • Only 20% of them felt confidence when looking for their home.
  • 28% of them felt heartbreak when their offer didn’t get accepted on a certain home.

I would agree that buying a home is a very stressful event; thus it’s Imperative you have a real estate agent and a loan officer who are experienced, educators, hand holders, servants, and trusting people. If you shop for an agent or a lender by price or discount; there is a much greater chance the whole process of buying a home will be incredibly stressful. SO QUIT SHOPPING BY PRICE!

I was surprised that only 13% said they felt like they overpaid as I expected this percentage to be much higher knowing that inventory shortages abound in dozens of cities.

I bet the 20% of the homebuyers who felt confident had an amazing real estate agent and loan officer like I described above who helped give them this confidence. What gives them confidence? Is it information or knowledge from the internet or Uncle Joey? NO! Confidence comes from WISDOM and our clients NEED WISDOM FROM YOU AND I. THEY NEED US!