Zillow just released 2 important lists for the 50 largest metro areas in the country—The 10 Most Affordable Markets for Homebuyers and the 10 Least Affordable Markets for Homebuyers. This report was based on the following factors—population, the number of homes for sale, each area’s Zillow Home Value Index (median price basically), and the share of income spent on their mortgage.

The 10 most affordable markets all showed that it only took between 10.8% of your income and 11.9% of your income to be able to afford a home in these metro areas. The top cities (in order) were Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Memphis, St. Louis, Detroit, Birmingham, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Kansas City. Now, I have never visited any of these cities; but why would I want to live in any of these cities after living in Denver for 22 years?

The least affordable markets revealed that it took at least 23.6% of your income to buy a home in one of these markets. San Jose was the least affordable, where it takes 46% of your income to be able to buy a home there. The rest of the 10 least affordable cities (in order) were—L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, NYC, Sacramento, Riverside CA, Seattle, Portland, and Boston. Denver WAS NOT ON THIS LIST! This is good news.