Amazingly, I now have over 900 subscribers to my weekly newsletters and my open rate averages 42%-45% every week which Constant Contact has told me is one of the highest open rates in the country. Thank you so very much for subscribing and reading my newsletters!!!


However, I don’t write my newsletters just to have a super high open rate or to have a large number of subscribers. I also don’t charge a subscription fee or offer advertising as a way to make money.


I write my newsletters out of passion to provide you with incredibly valuable information for your clients and SOI. I have always followed the “Go-Giver” principles taught by Bob Burg, of giving or providing value first.


But, I am also not very good at asking for referrals or for business. So, I ask if you receive a high amount of value from my newsletters to give me an opportunity as your Loan Officer.


I remember learning 15 years ago from Joe Stumpf, founder of By Referral Only, that the #1 principle of Referability is this—the person referring you wants you to make them look GREAT. I pledge to you that I will make you look GREAT if you refer your clients to me.