iBuyers like OpenDoor and Zillow are stealing your past customers! And not only are these iBuyers stealing from you, they are STEALING FROM YOUR CLIENTS!!! How? With offers that are below market value AND with higher fees than you or any other RE agent dare to charge. According to Frank and Brian their average fee is 7.50% to 9%; but it’s a fee and not a commission as commission is a bad word.

So, what are you going to do about this? You need to be contacting your clients by mail, email, and calls beginning right now and letting them know about this SCAM. Put your fear aside and CALL THEM! Don’t let your clients be taken advantage of.

Here is the video from Frank and Brian—

Here is a second video from Frank and Brian comparing a traditional sale with you as an agent to OfferPad, another iBuyer like OpenDoor and Zillow.


In a third video from Frank & Brian they reveal the IMMENSE COST to sell your home to OpenDoor through a subscriber in Las Vegas. OpenDoor’s fee to sell this person’s home was OVER 10%!!! This is a RIP-OFF!