The Denver Post ran several great stories in the paper beginning June 2nd and this story offered 5 good tips for both buyers and sellers. Buyers’ tips included don’t get in the car to look at homes UNTIL you are pre-approved. They also suggested to look below your max price point because of bidding wars and to be prepared to be creative. This is why I have created a document for all my pre-approved buyers with 50+ tips on how to win bidding wars and get under contract.

Then, for sellers tips included making sure your home looks GREAT and “The highest offer isn’t always the best one.” I have told my clients this for the last 3 or 4 years. In a separate story on I saw this advice that I wholeheartedly agree with—hire a professional photographer. No more phone camera pictures please.

I would encourage you to read this story and keep this story to send out to your prospects and clients.

Key-turning tips for homebuyers — and for home sellers — in Denver’s molten market