Hopefully, consumers will reject this business model on the biggest transaction in their lives. I am sure Baby Boomers will and I expect Gen X will strongly resist this model. But, Millennials who have grown up with the internet and technology are much more likely to embrace this model I believe, UNLESS you and I provide Millennials with the one thing they crave.


What is it they crave? Well, the internet has a ton of knowledge, but only a few ounces of wisdom. They WANT AND NEED wisdom and as I have written before, they are willing to pay for OUR wisdom. Do you have wisdom?


Where does our wisdom come from? It comes from years of learning and experience at the School of Hard Knocks. This is why I spend hundreds of hours annually learning about real estate, investing, mortgages, money, stats, finance, etc. This is also why I write this newsletter and teach classes to help you learn in a much more abbreviated timeframe.


I want to provide you with WISDOM that you can pass on to your clients and also help you earn their business! My goal is to make you LOOK GOOD! I just ask that you give me an opportunity to earn your client's trust with their mortgage needs.