In the meantime, how can you help your buyers? First, give them more time to close which means more time to receive a better rate. I would put their closing date out 6 weeks right now with Loan Objection Deadline just a couple of days before that. If the sellers are buying a new home at the same time this is beneficial for them too for the same reason. Plus, the sellers have a little more time to find and close on their new home.

Second, ask for seller concessions to help your buyers buy down their interest rate. If the sellers want a quicker close than 6 weeks ask them for seller concessions. A discount point buys down the rate by about ½% currently and 2 discount points can buy down your rate by 1%.

For your buyers PEACE OF MIND we offer our loans under $575k with Float-Down Protection. We allow them to lock in their rate now to stop the bleeding. But, we allow them to float-down their interest rate later when rates drop again to more affordable levels. There is an additional cost for this and it is .002% of the loan amount or $1000 on a $500k loan. This is great insurance protection I believe currently.