I have written many times about Metro Districts and their impact on housing affordability and the danger they may pose to homeowners in the years and decades to come. But, many of you told me that wasn't enough and that I should create and teach a class on Metro Districts. My new class is done and I have titled it "How to Protect Your Clients from Metro Districts.
Here is what you will learn-
  • What are Metro Districts and why we have them in Colorado.
  • How developers and builders secretly control Metro Districts.
  • The types of debt Metro Districts issue and the staggering amount of debt that has been authorized and issued by Metro Districts that homeowners are required to pay for decades to come.
  • The most dangerous type of debt issued by Metro Districts.
  • How Metro Districts impact consumers' property tax bills.
  • What should the State do about Metro Districts?
  • What should homebuyers do to protect themselves?
  • The website you and your clients NEED to review before purchasing a home.
 My next class date is Wednesday June 24th at 11 AM with Fidelity National Title as my co-sponsor. This is a 1 hour class and you can register at the link below--
I am also teaching this class via Zoom with First Alliance Title on June 24th as well from 2 to 3 pm. Watch for an email from First Alliance Title for this class.