The NUMBER 1 QUESTION AND CONCERN of consumers right now is our real estate market in a bubble especially after September’s RE Colorado Report? They are fearful of buying at the top of the market and over-paying for a home. This is why I have spent hundreds of hours reviewing economic and housing data looking for signs of a bubble in our real estate market. I will be answering similar questions like these below in my class–

  • When will prices level off?
  • Will 2008 happen again?
  • Is a downturn about to happen?
  • I think the market is overvalued, so I will wait
  • Prices are so inflated right now that I am going to wait to buy
  • I am scared that I will pay too much


I have been teaching this class for over 2 years to over 1,000 people! I keep updating this class with new data every month that supports the facts of our market. This great class also comes with 2 HOURS OF CE CREDIT and it’s only $10.


I am teaching this amazing class on Thursday the 25th from 9-11 AM at my office. Please click the link below to register—