According to analysis of home sale data for the last 12 months homeowners in metro Denver earned an average annual return of 11%, good for 6th best in the country. However, they just compared home prices from buy to sell dates, they didn’t include the factor of Leverage that we as a mortgage company provide. Let me show you an example–

Let’s assume a client paid $200k for their home 5 years ago and they put 20% down. In June they sold their home for $337k for a 11% annual increase to match the numbers above. But, what was their return in reality? They only put $40k down 5 years ago (not $200k) and they made $137k! That’s an average annual increase of 28% a year! And if they had lived in the home as their primary residence for 2 of the last 5 years this was tax free gain!