Millennials Want A Trophy Home First

Clovered, a home insurance resource recently surveyed more than 1000 consumers about their wants for their first home to learn which features and amenities mattered the most to them.

  • Millennials thought their ideal home size was 3,320 square feet, just slightly bigger than Gen X. Still, that is a HUGE home!
  • Millennials #1 preferred style was modern and #2 was ranch. Whereas, Gen X and Boomers both ranked ranches #1.
  • Millennials want a home with 4.2 bedrooms on average and 3.3 bathrooms. 

The top 5 features that Millennials want in their first home are-

  • Central A/C
  • Private backyard
  • Storage
  • Plenty of natural light
  • A separate laundry room


As I have written before Millennials want to buy their parents' "trophy home" as their first home. But, that's not realistic in our market.