The Colorado Legislature is back in session and here are some proposed bills that I read about in the Denver Business Journal-

  • One bill makes a law change that would presume that any employee who contracts coronavirus did so while at work and is now eligible for workers-comp benefits. Holy Cow! This is a great way to shut down our economy and keep businesses closed.
  • Another bill would ban evictions for 6 months. OUCH! I am sure the legislators writing this bill will personally make the mortgage payments for the landlords who own these properties. Right???
  • "Sen. Jack Tate of Centennial has proposed a bill that would confer immunity from lawsuits upon businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, religious institutions and government entities that make good-faith attempts to comply with all applicable guidelines on safe operations during the coronavirus pandemic." This bill is being asked for by many business groups and is sorely needed.
  • A bill that would have extended the timeline for construction defects lawsuits was killed in the Senate. Yeah!