A recent survey by Cisco of 1,569 business executives and others responsible for employee work environments in the post-COVID era concluded that working from home is the "new normal" with over 90% of respondents saying they won't return to the office full time even after the pandemic is over. WOW!!!

What does this mean for every major city? First, vibrant downtowns like Denver has experienced for the last 25 years is probably a thing of the past. Why live downtown if you don't work downtown anymore? Especially when there is next to NO entertainment and nightlife to be experienced.

Second, larger homes will be in high demand. Third, high-rise condo living will fade away. Next, lots with acreage will increase in popularity. Developers will need to build apartments with more space for offices. 3 and 4 bedroom condos and townhouses will become more valuable than 1 and 2 bedroom condos and townhouses.