24 factory-built condos will be added in the Berkeley neighborhood in the 4300 block of Tennyson Street and is called The Kasita on Tennyson. Two small buildings are currently being demolished and a ground floor retail building will be constructed. Then, the developers will use a crane to put the 24 modular condos on top of the first floor.

Each condo will be a 408 square feet studio unit that will be shipped by truck as a “container” basically. Kasita is the name of the Austin based company that will be building each condo. Kasita’s base model is 352 square feet and sells for a base price of $89k. Remember this number. Each condo in this development will be about 34 feet long, 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall.

Guess how much these modular condos will sell for? And this is considered an affordable housing project by the City of Denver. Remember the base price of a slightly smaller home (56 square feet smaller) has a base price of just $89k. These new condos will sell for slightly less than $400k. This means the land and regulatory costs to build must be about $250k per unit! This is another sign why housing is so dang expensive in our metro area and our local governments share in some of the blame. If you want to learn more about this development, just click the link below—