The Denver Business Journal’s cover story this past week was on the increase of tech jobs since 2012, an increase of 14,184 new jobs in the last 6 years. The DBJ reported that more than a dozen Silicon Valley companies have recently moved their headquarters to Denver or opened an office here that will be the focus of their company’s growth. These companies have leased enough office space to hire a couple thousand more people within the next 2 years. The Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. is predicting that we will see similar growth over the next 7 years even if Facebook doesn’t move their 2nd headquarters here.

So, why are these companies relocating to Denver?

  • Their employees can afford to buy a house here.
  • Can raise a family here and send them to good public schools.
  • Denver is the #1 city that tech workers are willing to relocate too from around the country. This is HUGE!
  • There is so much competition for the labor and expertise of tech workers in Silicon Valley, that it’s easier for companies expand quickly in Denver AWAY from Silicon Valley where it’s very difficult to keep talented workers.
  • Very few other cities of comparable cost have attractions like sports venues, entertainment, arts, and cultural centers, and transit located close to the core business district as Denver does.

Thus, Denver will continue to boom as we have become a Trophy City where talented young people want to live.