I read I believe 3 stories last week about how unaffordable housing is becoming, not only in Denver but in many more large metro areas. Here is one simple solution that could help renters become homeowners. Get a second job as nearly every retail store and restaurant is hiring. Now income from a second job can’t be considered until you have had the second job for 2 years; but it could help them pay off debts or save money for the down payment.

Now this idea is simple, but it’s not easy as it requires additional effort, but isn’t becoming homeowner a worthy goal? Plus, it’s maybe the best way to build wealth. For example, you save $10,000 working a second job for a year and you buy a home. The median price of all homes sold in 2017 increased by $29,000.

So, ask your clients would you be willing to spend/save $10k to be able to possibly make $29k in 1 year? Or if prices only rise 5%, that’s still an increase of over $20,000 in wealth.