I attended a Facebook Video Call yesterday that included Dr. Mike Roizen of The Cleveland Clinic. He is a doctor to many celebrities. He said that every other Coronavirus we have battled has experienced big drops in the number of cases by April 1st of the year in the northern hemisphere. He believes there is an 80% chance that the number of cases will start to drop by April 1st.

Dr. Roizen also told us on the call about a study that is soon to be released from France on potentially effective treatment of the virus with drugs we already have. One is Chloroquine is an anti-viral medication that could be used for high-risk populations for Covid-19. This drug has been around since 1934 from Bayer and was initially used for Malaria and is currently used for some cases of extreme arthritis.

"This drug prevents the gain of the virus into our body's cells and therefore prevents the cellular infection from occurring," according to Dr. Manny Alvarez on Fox News. But, Dr. Alvarez cautions that these are early test results, but I am reading that patients who have taken this medication along with anti-biotic Azithromycin were virus-free within an average of 5 days.