About a month ago Tamara and I talked with Nick our former foster son for just the second time this year. It was an amazing conversation with him as we both heard how much he has matured in the past 9 months and to hear his appreciation for what we did for him for 3+ years.


Last year at Christmas he moved to Florida to live with his Dad, one of his dreams. Unfortunately, the grass wasn’t greener on the other side of the fence as he discovered who his Dad really is and he was incredibly disappointed in his Dad. Tamara and I were afraid that would happen; but we needed to let him go and let him discover this on his own.


Nick is now living with his Aunt in southern California and seems to be doing well as his Aunt has been the BEST influence on him from either side of his biological family. So, this is a good place for him.


After talking with Nick, Tamara and I remained on the patio and I just started crying unexpectedly. Why? I know every boy or man wants a fulfilling great relationship with their Dad. I know this personally as I have never had a fulfilling great relationship with my Dad. And I heard this desire from Nick being unmet or unfilled by his Dad and how disappointed he was with his Dad.


Maybe someday I will get to be Nick’s Dad again.