So, how much home can you buy for $200k in 32 major cities in the U.S. A study was done, by whom I don’t know as that was not reported by the Denver Post, that revealed that $200k in Denver only buys 661 square feet of home, the 10th smallest amount in the country. Only cities on the coastlines were more expensive. But, if you want to live in Cleveland you can a home with 3,769 square feet for just $200k.

Texas was cited as having a very strong economy but much lower home prices and here are the 3 reasons why cited by Aldo Svaldi in his story—Texas has higher property taxes instead of an income tax, looser development regulations (that’s for sure) and water-tap costs are lower.

So, which state and local governments are doing a better job at keeping housing affordable? Colorado or Texas? The answer is clear. Maybe politicians and leaders from our state need to research and visit several cities in Texas to learn how they do it and then ACT on this knowledge.